Looking up


It’s fascinating to see how they can measure with their eyes … and how they seem to have springs in their hind legs! 🙂

He made the jump, up on the table, very elegantly.


Photo blog

cat in bath tubToday, I’ve spent a great deal of time setting up this photo blog. This post, I’m doing mainly to see what a post looks like without a photo.

I went through all the themes WordPress have listed under ‘photo blogging’, and found this Mixfolio to best fit my purpose. I even looked into a few premium themes, even though I would never consider one of them — too pricey for me.

Posted this now, and it didn’t turn out well on the front page. Got a black square, where it said image missing so I’ll just put something in here 🙂

McDuff was in the bath tub, because I’d used a new detergent to clean it … apparently he loved Scrubbing Bubbles LOL ..he kept going back there, sniffing!