not forgotten

…at least, not entirely. Haven’t posted a picture since May last year, so here’s one from June the same year. How green and lush everything is — so different from today, late March with blowing snow and twelve degrees below freezing.

I’d promised myself to post the photos I was reasonably happy with, to this blog. Will pick up on that promise again from now on. There will be a few old ones from 2014.tree_upham


after the ice storm

DSC_7375.NEFIt was my second ice storm since we moved here. Never before had I seen anything like it. So devastating, yet so beautiful! It was all silent in the park, where I took this … only the sound of the branches and twigs rattling.


ice water


sometimes the ice forms amazing shapes when it’s really cold and running water.

The risk with a photo blog is always that you’ll fill up your free quota and end up paying even more. There’s always the option of posting just URL from Flickr [or whatever], but it’s so damned convenient to just upload them.

Trinity Lamp



Also referred to as Three Sisters.

Its purpose was to help sea captains nagivate in to Saint John Harbour at night. When they could see each red light individually, it was okay to navigate straight into the harbour. If one or two were covered, they had to alter their course. Visible three miles seaward, located at the end of Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick.


frog_lilylakeNo, I didn’t kiss him … he seemed to be so at peace, so I just let him be. I have held a frog in my hand, though … much smaller one, that I helped out of the pool while we lived in QC.