april — lucky month in the pond

This wood duck stayed for almost two weeks in the duck pond. Gave us, amateur photographers, great opportunities to shoot pictures. A once in a life-time!



Male Mallard

Male Mallard

Truth to be told, I’d almost forgotten about the fact that I once started a ‘photo blog’. The idea wasn’t too bad, so I’ll resuscitate it now. From now on, I’ll write a little something with each photo. I’m not a big fan of pure photo blogs.

That I love mallards, has probably not escaped anyone. They’re also readily available to practice on. This was one I was pleased with.

another unforgettable night

Bald Eagle

A summer evening, we were driving up along Milkish Creek on Kingston Peninsula. I spotted this guy, sitting on top of a spruce. My camera was already hanging around my neck, so I snuck out of the car, and started shooting as I tiptoed, quietly, closer to the tree. He didn’t budge! Finally, I’d taken so many pictures so I thought I was fine to take my chances to go back to the car and put on the longer lens. Then I walked across the road and up a little slope .. he was still there. As I hunkered down to get in a good position, he turned around and looked me straight in the eyes!!! That was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. We looked each other in the eye, and still he didn’t go away! Perhaps he wanted to say something to me?!