Trinity Lamp



Also referred to as Three Sisters.

Its purpose was to help sea captains nagivate in to Saint John Harbour at night. When they could see each red light individually, it was okay to navigate straight into the harbour. If one or two were covered, they had to alter their course. Visible three miles seaward, located at the end of Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick.


3 thoughts on “Trinity Lamp

  1. Where did I see that before? And why this fancy name? (ok, I could google it, but you asked for it LOL).


    1. I can see you allready wrote about it, but how did they do it? did they turn the lamps?- very interesting thing.


  2. Because they’re three, I guess …and that it’s positioned in a straight line with the Trinity Church [trefaldighet].
    They didn’t turn …the red part is pointing out to sea šŸ™‚


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