snow nose

DSC_9173I just wanted to hug him!


13 thoughts on “snow nose

      1. Lucky me. I have them outside my windows, and sometimes I take a picture. They eat the seeds from the bird feeders – they simply push then down and eat all.


      2. Yes! You are lucky! Isn’t it great to live that close to wildlife! 🙂 They’re here too, but we live on 9th floor so I’m always rather far away…


      3. Then there is only one solution: you buy a helicopter ( not noisy if you can find such one) LOL


      4. a stealth helicopter … they make so much noise, so when they fly by, we jokingly say «that must be a stealth chopper»


      5. We are not so advanced here in DK. The military has some, but they are on the ground most of the time for service – its right -about 3/4 of the time.
        They had some fighter aeroplanes but couldnt manage to work them!!!!! but Canada bought them for nothing, and now they work fine. I think we were better as Vikings in boats.


      6. LOL @ the Vikings … they boiled some mushrooms and drank the stuff, then they went to England 😆

        I’d love to see a real stealth bomber in flight.. all silent!


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