happy dance

Grey Squirrel

Every now and then, a grey squirrel makes an appearance in the park, by the feeders. Most of the time the ‘red’ squirrels chase him away … he’s always outnumbered. When I see the grey one, I always make a point of giving him some peanuts … or her, rather.


13 thoughts on “happy dance

  1. Very good picture. I have never seen a grey squirrel here in DK, they are an invasive species here and would eradicate the red ones. In fact it is so: if you see a grey squirrel in DK you must do whatever you can to kill it!!!


      1. Yes they have taken over in England, in some parts of Ireland, and is found in Italy too. In DK one grey squirrel was seen in Fredericia, a smaller town in Jutland. Its said that the Danish one maybe is imported as a pet ( which is illegal).


      2. Wow! I didn’t know …
        I know something like that happend with the raccoons — someone brought them in to Germany [H. Göring], and they multiplied like mad, as they have no native enemies… Japan got them too, because people imported them … the raccoons, that is.


      3. Did Göring do that?- no he wasnt a nice man so to speak lol. There is both snails, jellyfish, fish and different plants who do the same trick. They come here and havent any natural enemies and spread like ….. I think this is one of the reasons (among others)that its forbidden to bring animals, birds, plants etc with you back from a holiday from another country ( I stole a wee pine-tree last summer in Småland, but its old Danish land so it wasnt really a foreign country LOL).


      4. Yeah … that is SO wrong! Parts of Germany, raccoons have become a pest now. So that would be one reason, the others be diseases ‘n stuff, I guess. Australia must be really particular about that since they’re an island.

        I don’t think a wee pine tree from Sweden would harm the Danish ecology *ROFL*


      5. We have raccoon dogs in DK now, and the forest rangers do their best to kill them, but the raccoon dogs are too clever. ( they are not even close to the raccoons)
        We tried with a wee juniper from Öland, but it didnt survive-another time maybe.


      6. I totally love Raccoon Dogs … what a beautiful animal!

        About the juniper .. it’s probably difficult! Depends on time of year, I would think..


      7. We took it in a wrong place, the soil was hard and dry and I think the roots were damaged (or the tree missed Öland too much?)


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