deerDeer are common here in the city … and I mean IN the city. We live in a residential area, and I see them most every day, walking around in the little gardens.



7 thoughts on “Deer

      1. Totem, to me, is just an animal I feel a connection too, and that has a message to teach me. Whenever I see a new animal in my journeys, or have an extra special encounter with them, I look up their symbolic meaning. It’s always a message I need to hear at the time. 🙂


      2. That’s really cool. In that case … I’ve looked a Bald Eagle in the eyes, and I tell you … my neck hair stood up! Each time I see one, I get a very special feeling..


      3. That would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My hair would stand up too! Well, then, a Bald Eagle could very well be your totem. You can Google for “symbolic meaning of Bald Eagle” and see what you come up with. It’s so much fun. I have two books I refer to often.


  1. My last comment doesn’t seem to have taken. If this is a duplicate…feel free to delete it.

    Wow, what a gift! My hair would have stood on end as well. I would definitely say the Bald Eagle could be one of your totems. Google, “Symbolic meaning of Bald Eagles” and see if anything resonates with you. 🙂


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